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On travel we all want to pack light. A small and compact blender can make it simple and convenient to travel. How are you going to bring a large mixer when you only need one smoothie serving in the morning? Let’s look at some of the best compact travel blender, instead of the large blender ones.

Portable blenders come with enough strength to meet all your needs for blending. From juice to baby food, or protein shake to coffee, you can make anything.

These mini mixers come along with USB chargers. And if you’ve ever thought of reading a mail from the same laptop and crushing ice, you can.

Yet, on the selves, there are hundreds of portable blenders. This could easily trick someone into having a product that is below standard. So, we did the work to save your time.

We have picked the best portable travel blenders. Now you can choose a good blender and make travel smoothies with strength.

PopBabies Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

Why would not be able to have one blender for both protein shake and baby foods? Both will be given by the Pop Babies. This is one of the best small smoothie blenders. An accomplished maker makes the blender for the kitchen. They have three decades of experience in manufacturing small cooking appliances. And it’s clear this unit should have all the characteristics of a decent blender.

The 17 oz cup will blend any food products. The BPA-free Bowl proof dishwasher has four blade attachment at the bottom. Within a few seconds, this sharp blade setting will mix ice, frozen fruit and nuts. The embedded blades are also secure to handle. You’ll keep your fingers free from any wounds.

A 175-watt engine rotates the blade setting at a speed of 22000 rpm. The motor does all the hard work to get new drinks, protein shakes, and salad dressings for you. The engine gets fuel from a Li-ion 4000 mAh battery. The battery can be recharged via a USB charger. This feature gives you the right to take your blender anywhere with you. This blender is ultra-light to shake. In addition, it’ll fit perfectly into your car holder.

Portable Blender TOPQSC Smoothie Blender USB Juicer Cup

To those that are still in a hurry, the TOPQSC portable smoothie blender is an ultralight blender. This blender is powered through the USB port, and can be used several times once it is full. This blender has a speed of 2000 rmp. Creating a perfect smoothie cup for one takes 20 mins. The mixer comes with 4 leaves blades of 500 BPA-free plastic jar or container of 304 stainless steel. Also it has 2.0 USB port for charging. TOPQSC has a specialization in juice. And we have named it the best portable blender for juice. It’s also a compact blender with a bottle.

At the other hand, for a lovely trip, you can select a glass jar blender. TOPQSC is the best for me when it comes to USB driven blender. Also, its call travels smoothie blender size. When you put ingredients and start running for 5-20 minutes on the press, depending on how many ingredients are inside to complete mixing.

If required you can start the blending again. The blender comes with no cup holder, nor are the bled bottoms removable. You can either clean it inside a dishwasher, or fill it and fill it with warm water again.

CkeyiN Mini Portable Blender

This attractive, USB-charged model is fitted with a 75-watt engine and a six-pointed blade spinning at a 16,000rpm record breaking. The oddly-named CkeyiN crushes ice very easily and mashes tougher ingredients such as apples and carrots in a thrice, according to its platoon of admirers.

Comprising a compact 420ml borosilicate glass container (with screw-top lid) and a baby-blue motor box full of LED display, this mini blender features a safety sensor that prevents the device from working if the container is not properly installed on the shelf. It is a really good thing because when you mix the entire package needs to be inverted and the last thing you need before you run out is a half liter of milky strawberry mush all over your trousers or shirt.

A five-hour charge is ideal for around 15 blends, according to the manufacturer, and charging your mobile device also comes with a USB port. This also comes with a 12-month warranty that stands out for a cheap product like this.

Homedas Portable Juicer with Travel Sport Bottle

Homedas juice maker and fruit blender is a innovative device with all the best reasons to buy one or offer it to someone special for your next tour. The portable juicer is powered by both the AC and the DC. It is powered by a 3800mAh battery which has no need for daily backup. The juice maker can be connected from one side to the juicer via USB cable, and from the other end to your smartphone. It does mean you can make your Smartphone a juice on the go. The juicer is easy to use and is built to the safety requirements.

Production is completely flawless. Cleaning is simple, and free of BPA. The safety characteristics are legendary. Give it a try! Since this is risk-free. The switch button has a safety lock, and the motor does not operate until the seal is tightened, thanks to the double security technology. The battery life is fantastic. This can last until twenty times. The Portable HOMEDAS juicer also comes with a USB cable. Simply click the button and charge with any phone or power source. If you’re a travel enthusiast, you need to buy this thing.

The HOMEDAS juicer is a tiny creature that will make your life simpler than ever before, catch it while enjoying a workout session in the gym or take it as a business partner on a plane. That will keep you alive and new.

Shentianmei Portable Blender

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly alternative, this portable USB-charger blender is the perfect introduction to mixing on the go. This little machine, built with six extra-sharp blades, can cut in a flash just about any fruit or vegetable. And when you’re traveling, it’s easy to tuck it into a backpack (or even a big bag) at just 1 pound. When you have done blending, just plug in the USB charger so it’s ready to go in the morning again. A note? Some reviewers note the value of not overfilling the cups, or having stuck the blades.

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