Cool Things To Buy On Amazon Under $50

Amazon has everything you need and you didn’t even know a couple of things you wanted. Life is so much easier when things such as toiletries, pet supplies and even grocers only appear at your doorway. They will also arrive later that day if you are a Prime Member-one day delivery is one of Prime membership’s many advantages. Anyone who has WiFi access will say it is addictive!

Amazon is updating the list of top-selling goods hourly, but some of the best things go under the spotlight, and that’s because they’re stuff you didn’t even think you’d miss out on. How can you find all these life-changing precious gems on your own, with more than 606 million items on Amazon’s website? This is where we are coming in. If you’re looking for makeup, the new appliances, something to spruce up your home or the hottest toys, here’s some of the best things around that won’t cost you over $50.

Waterproof pen ($29)

Perfect for outdoor adventurers, this rugged Rite In The Rain pen writes in just about any situation, including through water and mud. And since the ink cartridge is being pressurized, the pen even writes underwater.

Comfort Spaces Coolmax Cooling Sheets ($30.87)

There’s a product available on Amazon for (almost) any issue you may have. Case by case? Such bed sheets are made with a blend of microfibers that retain moisture to keep night sweaters dry until morning.

Music Mixing Card Game ($39.99)

Any card you placed on the Bluetooth-enabled Dropmix board adds to your music mix an aspect of a famous song — yellow cards have lead vocals, and blue cards have beats, for instance. And there are plenty of add-on packs in a variety of genres, from country to electronic.

Hubsan X4 Cam Plus Quadcopter ($50)

Looking for a way to dip your toes into the beautiful drone world, but don’t want to spend a small fortune on an expensive toy that you could crash into? Test out the x4 Plus Quadcopter of Hubsan. Compact in size and price, this drone is ideal for anyone interested in breaking into the UAV scene and learning the fundamentals of quadcopter piloting. Packing a 1080p HD camera, pre-programmed tricks, various flight modes and an immense range of replacement pieces, this little guy can keep you soaring for a long time.

Amazon Echo Dot ($49.99)

Treat yourself to an Amazon Echo Dot if you want to make virtually every daily task a little simpler. This tiny version of Amazon’s personal assistant device forgets the bulky speaker that gives its height to the traditional Alexa model, but still has all its features, enabling you to play Spotify, listen to Audible, get news, weather, add items to your grocery list, arm your security system, or even book an Uber, all with your voice.

Hydro Flask 32-Ounce Wide Mouth Bottle ($39.95)

These vacuum-insulated, cult-favourite stainless steel water bottles fit very well. It will keep hot drinks hot for up to 6 hours, and cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours.

Wacaco Minipresso ($46)

Unlike other espresso machines, the clever Minipresso Wacaco is hand operated and needs no electricity.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet ($14.88)

Lodge is known for its cookware made of cast iron. Many equate them with Le Creuset’s luxury cookware brand, except that lodge is a fraction of the size. Even this particular skillet comes with 100 percent vegetable oil pre-seasoned.

Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit ($49.00)

This Harry Potter wand, powered by Bluetooth, gets its magic by computer code which can be written by children aged 6 and up. The coding fundamentals are taught through more than 70 premade challenges, and any code that kids build can be modified to make the “spell” effects completely special!

Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch ($42)

One thing that hasn’t changed much in an era of constant change is the Light switch. Nonetheless, Belkin is attempting to improve that with its Wemo Smart Light Switch. If the switch is hooked up, you can control your home lighting from a smartphone or tablet. Your analog flip switches are pale in comparison with the ability to set a lighting schedule, Alexa compatibility, and pairing choices with most connected home systems.

Topeak HeadLux Helmet Light ($17.23)

Bikers know that the difference between a safe ride home and a trip to the hospital may be that one wrong move. Luckily, cars should be able to see you with this helmet light and steer clear while you’re cycling at night.

Portable 6000 mAh Charger ($32.99)

Giving someone a portable charger is not revolutionary but they can find themselves more grateful for it than they can count. It’s great for long days away from home and on the go, driving, working and insurance. We ranked the best portable iPhone charger users can buy this model from Jackery. This would charge iPhones twice as fast as the original iPhone charger, it reported.

Addtop Portable Solar Power Bank ($40)

Great for students, backpackers and anyone whose adventures take them away from wall outlets, this Addtop Portable Solar Power Bank will store up to 25,000 mAh juice worth for when you really need it.

Pet Hair Remover Glove ($7.99)

It is the dilemma of any pet-owner: you love your cat, but you do not always love to be coated in their fur. Try brushing the palm of these gloves over hair covered surfaces to clear pet hair from furniture, carpets or clothing.

Kikkerland Portable BBQ Suitcase ($49.99)

Okay, sure — mostly, this one is just a novelty. But even James Bond himself will be a little jealous of how cool it is to pull a fully functional grill from a suitcase right away.

Hamilton Beach Set & Forget Slow Cooker ($50)

The expression “set and forget” is music to anybody’s ears who wants a home-cooked meal with little hassle. Fortunately, Hamilton Beach’s slow cooker can be configured to cook your dish for a set time, and the system will adjust the temperature automatically to keep the contents warm until that time is reached. You can also insert a probe into your plate and adjust the slow cooker’s internal temperature — the tool will keep your food warm automatically when it reaches the specified temperature. Cooking devices are rarely as easy (or cheap) to use.

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