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There is no question that the world is evolving and that technology shapes pretty much everything we do. Today life is no different in the kitchen. Preparing meals on an induction cooktop is an exciting change in precision-controlled, energy-efficient cooking that also gives every generation a healthy cooking surface. For new induction models that are launched each year, we’ll help you analyze considerations and features. In this guide we will cover everything from wi-fi networking and integration of applications to high-end design options that affect the quality and usability of your cooktop induction.

Cafe CHP95302MSS

The Cafe CHP95302MSS provides an induction cooktop with just about everything you may need. It features 4 elements of different sizes in 30-inch width selection, 3 of them high-powered, and features strong touch controls and a gorgeous stainless steel trim. It also comes with a griddle pan to give you greater cooking skills. The 36-inch option includes 5 elements.

Owner satisfaction is exceptionally high on the GE Cafe series and we have also found them to be highly reliable for long-term use. The high heat and low heat capabilities are excellent, and its ability to link two elements together is ideal for cooking on larger, rectangular pans.

In tests, this cooker was able to boil a large pot of water as quickly or faster than any other cooker on the market. Yet it also has the potential to perform delicate tasks like melting chocolate or simmering tomato sauce at extremely low heat levels.

What really makes this cooktop for Cafe induction is the “Gourmet Guided Cooking” feature thanks to the hundreds of video recipes that come with the Cafe app and the built-in wifi connectivity to the cooktop. When cooking taking the guesswork out. The “Gourmet Guided Cooking” controls time, temperature and speed.

GE Profile PHP9036SJSS

This cooktop looks more familiar, with circles around the 5 heating elements (including one with 11′′ and 2700W, two 7′′ diameter burners). These are very well distributed across the surface so you can quickly reach them and even use them simultaneously.

Unlike the previous model, this one has a frame of stainless steel so there’s little possibility to cracking the surface easily.

It has an integrated timer to help you better plan meal cooking, pan sensor and size sensor for even heating, hot surface light indicators that alert you not to touch the hot area and control lock option that provides accidental activation protection.

The control panel buttons are built into the black ceramic surface and it is enough to touch them softly while using them. You can precisely control heat with these automated touch controls and still enjoy an easy to clean surface.

The total weight of the appliance is 44 pounds, it measures 40.5 x 27.8x 10.5 inches and comes with 1 year warranty. This cooktop on Amazon received a decent rating from customers who already purchased it.

KitchenAid Architect Series II Smooth Surface

Buyers with a little bit more to invest on a quality induction cooktop will make sure that this KitchenAid 36-inch model is on their contenders list. It boasts five elements to heat. Four are 7 inches, with 2,500 watts; the fifth is a 12-inch dual 4,800/2,500-watt element that can suit a variety of pan sizes and boil water in a snap.

The higher price means that this KitchenAid has many bells and whistles to it. Precise heating has 12 power rates, and each feature has functions of simmering, melting, keeping warm and efficiency boosting. It is possible to connect both pairs of 7-inch elements to create two bigger cooking zones for oversized pots and pans or griddles. The touch-activated controls are lockable to prevent small hands from turning up the heat, and for one cooking region, a cooking timer can be set for up to 90 minutes. Owners say all the settings allow for a high level of precision–perfect for the discerning chef–and report that it is easy to clean the glass cooktop. However, a few alert that the 7-inch burners ‘ sensors do not recognize very small pots and pans. KitchenAid backs the cooktop with a one-year warranty that extends the heating elements to five years, and chooses other components.

Bosch NIT8069UC

Next to our list is the NIT8069UC Bosch 800 series, which features four burners and a distinctive jet-black style profile. All four components are high-powered while being able to heat at extremely low heat rates and this model also features impressive and intuitive touch controls.

This Bosch cooktop also features AutoChef, which allows cooking settings to be programmed and preset, allowing for amazing customization if your cooking experience. You can also find a variety of other features to suit your particular needs, including Auto-Sizing designed to match pots and pans of various sizes.

With outstanding reliability and owner satisfaction levels, plus the ability to work equally well at both high and low heat settings, this Bosch 800 series induction-style creation that integrates wifi controls is sure to make an excellent option for any home cooking.

Wolf CI365T/S 36 Inch

Wolf CI365T / S 36 inch cooktop induction is also an option: with such an induction cooktop, you can use even hard-to-fit cookware such as grills, griddles and fish pans–all at the same time!

You get 5 elements and 5 choices for bridging, so you have 10 different setups for cooking to suit the widest range of pan sizes and dish preparation.

It’s built for scratch resistance and easy cleaning with Ceran glass-ceramic surface. There is a surface made of black ceramic glass that prevents scratching, staining, impact and heat. In addition, the cooktop has a stainless steel trim to suit transitional Wolf products. Of course this frame of stainless steel makes it a sleek focal point in any kitchen style.

You can use the touch controls to operate the device which show an intuitive power scale for accurate control.

The indicators on the control panel like boost mode illuminate. Illuminated sliding touch controls with white LED are clean and easy to read. As you can intuit, since the cooktop stays fairly cold, the cooktop is highly effective, extremely secure and easy to clean.

You will get a 40 percent faster response with this cooktop: if you turn an item up or down, the temperature response is instantaneous and that means up to 40 percent faster than gas or electric.

You’ll be shocked to see how easily the machine boils on water. So leaving a hot burner on is not a major concern because without an induction-compatible pan on the surface, elements can not be energised.

Induction means amazing control and with the induction cooktop of Wolf CI365T / S 36 inches, you get strong high heat or very low lows with a melt setting for gentle heat and a true cool setting to avoid scorching.

And during the cooking process, there is almost no heat wasted or lost in the air, as it is supplied directly and only to the cooking vessel.

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