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Finding the best knife sharpener is hardly ever at the top of the priority list when someone is trying to get fit for the kitchen. But sooner or later, even the best kitchen knives will begin to lose their edge, leaving the cut to rags and tears. If you’ve invested in a quality set of knives, it’s only reasonable to also find a sharpening device that helps to properly keep those blades.

It can be as tricky to find a decent knife sharpener as finding a decent knive. As one thing, other sharpening devices work only on specific types of knives. The amount of sharpness produced also depends not only on the consistency of the sharpener itself, but also on how much time and effort you have been investing on the sharpening process.

So here are best knife sharpener list we made for you:

Broad and Taylor Professional Knife Sharpener

The angle in which the knife is put into the sharpener determines how vigorous the sharpening is (yes, there is a right angle to sharpen your knives). Start by sharpening the knife then polish it in the same slot to a fine finish. If the knife doesn’t need sharpening, that can only be used for honing. This sharpener adjusts itself and sharpens the edge of the knife to its original angle, so you don’t need to learn the angle of the blade to correctly sharpen the knife, and there’s nothing to change. The sharpeners of tungsten carbide will last a long time, but can be replaced where appropriate.

Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener

If you are looking for the best knife sharpener kit, this is considered by many to be a likely contender. What really separates that is because it is really flexible because it can be used to sharpen kitchen knives and hunt knives.

It’s not just limited to knives like pen knives and fishing knives, though. You can use this to sharpen an axe or a machete, and even the lawn mower’s blades. These scissors are fantastic too. There’s in reality a scissor guide built in with an angle of 65 degrees.

You can change the angle between 15 and 30 degrees for the other blades. You can choose between increments of 1 degree, and all you need to do is turn a knob to the angle you want. This is a kit with different grades of abrasive belts for different types of knives and if you need to use it for ceramic knives or for precision equipment, you can just buy some optional attachments.

Sunrise Pro Supreme Knife Sharpener

Don’t be fooled by the low price or the simplistic look. This tool does a great job of sharpening almost every kitchen knife. Simply put the blade heel in the sharpening slot in V-shaped form and draw the knife back. Light pressure and three or four strokes are all you need to put a cutting edge on the knife back on. The Sunrise Pro Supreme is equipped with a pivoting safety handle and suction-cup base which holds during sharpening. It can be used to sharpen several different knive types and sizes, including serrated knives of bread.

Chef’sChoice Trizor XV

The Chef’sChoice Trizor XV made the most precise, reliable edges of any sharpener we reviewed. It repeatedly brought back from butter-knife dullness to one-stroke tomato-slicing sharpness both an inexpensive German-style chef’s knife and a high-end Japanese-style Knife. It’s virtually impossible to mess up the sharpening cycle with the thorough user manual and clever design of the Trizor XV— something not every competitor may say. And since this sharpener is both quick and easy to use, it’s always easy to keep your knives sharp. The Trizor XV is finally built to last, with a powerful motor and a robust build. It’s a bit of an investment, but one that we think is worth it.

Chef’ Sharpener CS-T01 3 Stage

Built in a simple, straightforward design for fixing, sharpening and sharpening your blades, the Chef’s Sharpener handheld sharpening tool provides an easy but long-lasting fix for dull kitchen knives without bleeding your wallet.

This is one of the heaviest and best built pull-through sharpeners we’ve ever had in our arms. It is made of solid ABS plastic, with stainless steel covers for better durability and cleaning ease at both the work area and the base. It is a solid piece and it shows.

You’ll also find two gaps under the base of what looks like silicone. These aren’t sticky yet they do an outstanding job of keeping the sharpener fixed on the countertop at his place. It helps prevent slipping and, ultimately, any potential injuries when operating on your knives.

A moderately damaged blade should go through three stages of sharpening: coarse diamond dust rods for knife edge repair, carbide tungsten blades for deburring, and ceramic rods for fine honing. Give it a couple of proper pulls at each round, and reset your knife to the sharpness of the factory.

Presto Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

This sharpener, from thin filet knives to thicker chef knives and cleavers, can be used on metal knives of any thickness. The interchangeable blade guides carry three different sharpening angles at your convenience, and a slider lets you select thick, medium, or thin blades.

The sharpener produces a slight micro-serration at the blade’s edge resulting in a super-sharp edge. It may take a brief while to master the technique of pulling knives through the sharpener, but then it is easy to use. This is not good for sharpening ceramic knives.

Chef’sChoice 1520 AngleSelect Diamond Hone Electric

The 1520 tag is because it can sharpen both American and European knives (20 degrees) and Japanese knives (usually at 15 degrees). Most chefs do not confine themselves to a single style, so for these chefs this is a very suitable option.

What really does help selling this sharpener is the design’s absolute simplicity. Only put the knife into the sharpener’s proper slot, and you’re all right to go.

One slot is 15 degrees wide while the other slot is 20 degrees deep. The 3rd slot is for the finishing touches and this slot can also be used to sharpen your bread knives.

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