10 Gadget to Make Your Life Easier

Do you love funky and original gadgets? Or do you hate spending your time doing chores? Any way, there are plenty of tools and gadgets out there to help make your life easier. Find out 10 Gadget to Make Your Life Easier here, from waterproof notepads to cake slicers.

  1. Reusable Collapsible Durable Grocery Shopping Bag

It’s awesome that we ended up getting into a national habit of bringing our own bags to the grocery store. More cities ban plastic bags every year. But if your car’s back now looks like an accident at a tote-bag factory— a wild canvas mess, nylon and good old-fashioned brown paper— you’re going to love this slim storable carry-all. This folds completely flat, unfolds into a rectangular cube that is generously sized and weighs next to nothing. Bring it with you to the supermarket, fill in as you peruse the shelves, and put it away at home, collapse and file smoothly into your vehicle after the groceries. Automobile clutter solved.

  1. Multi-tool Smartphone Case

A multi-tool smartphone case is not just a safe telephone protector but also your first job and hobbies help. A case can tell a lot about its owner although it is sometimes difficult to select a suitable case from hundreds of available options. Some useful, unique and fun smartphone cases you’ll find in.

There are many cases: brutal multifunctional cases with a cigarette lighter and a bottle opener, stylish retro camera or selfie illumination cases, and cases such as never sink waterproof cases, a built-in battery charger and even a Swiss army knife with 22 tools.

  1. Bluetooth Tracker

If you are losing things all the time, then it’s time to invest in these Bluetooth tracking chips. They hook up to a mobile app that will direct you back to where that item has been lost. Do your kids always run off? Bind this device to their hand, and never lose it again! We’ve suggested The Tile Mate.

The Tile Mate offers a nice blend of functionality and portability. It comes with the added benefit of a replaceable battery expected to last one year. It’s a little bit more bulky than some other trackers, but the Tile Mate is still small enough to fit comfortably in most wallets and purses. It comes with a keyhole too, which is perfect to add to your keys, baggage, backpacks, etc.

  1. Waterproof Notepad

If you ever have a great idea when u take a shower but its gone before you write down. This waterproof notepad can help you always read your idea in the shower. not just write your idea, you can also leave a message and also write a love note. We’ve suggested Rite in the Rain All-Weather Side-Spiral Notebook.

This is a beautiful all-weather lightweight notebook. It contains 50 pages of waterproof high quality paper, bound by a spiral wire-o system and a waterproof notebook cover.

The portable field notebook is a classic pocket notepad that is handy when you need to take some urgent notes and always on hand.

The scale is between “too big” and “too low”-4 5/8″x 7.” Rite In The Rain is a perfect fit for anything your job demands require. This EDC notebook will never let you down, no matter what the weather forecasts say–it’s always ready for rain.

  1. Jelly Cleaning goo

Modern electronics are getting dirty quickly, so get your hands on this jelly cleaning goo and get all that dirt out of the nooks and crannies hard to reach. Playing with it is not only fun, but it is also very useful to keep your devices looking like you really care about them. We’ve suggested Visbella Jelly Cleaning Putty Magic Gel Slime Remove Dust.

Visbella Jelly Cleaning Gel is a specialized gel designed to remove the dust and dirt on virtually any item from hard-to-reach areas. This gel is made to be sticky enough when in use to adhere to contaminants while remaining intact. In fact, the gel is not sticky enough to adhere permanently on the targeted surfaces but leaves an appealing fragrance behind it. The deforming aspect of the gel helps it to literally and surface stretch and disappear into even the slightest of crevices for maximum flexibility.

  1. Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale Multifunction Food Scale

With four sensors, the Etekcity digital kitchen scale is designed to give you high precision and precise weight, regardless of the parts. Ideal for recipes which require weight-measurement of ingredients. No more speculations or hassles. At one time weighing up to 11 pounds including small packages and many other things.

  1. Herb Scissors

Such handy herb scissors are perfect for any cooking lover. The five blades mean that as you cook, you can cut herbs effectively into food-a handy time saver!

  1. Bade Home and Kitchen Jar and Bottle Opener

There are times when a good grip on a slippery jar lid seems impossible to gain. Because of a slick surface it is frustrating to feel your hands slipping. The Bade home & kitchen jar and a bottle opener is a handy gadget that gives you superior gripping power to quickly open jars and bottles without the hassle and the strain on your hands and wrists. The versatile material can be used to open a variety of different size jars and bottles, and is washable.

  1. Magisso Cake Server

Magisso Cake Server will manage all of your parties and events. This smart cake slicer eliminates all the hassle of slicing a cake; just press the cake server through your cake and pinch gently to grab a slice.

  1. Steel Ice Cubes

You can use these steel ice cubes to keep your drinks cold, without watering them down. These are usually sold to go with bourbon or scotch, but without the melted ice, you might use them to warm your morning coffee or basically keep cool drinks. They are odorless, tasteless and BPA free.

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