10 Gifts For Professional Chefs

Even if you believe that you are great in the kitchen, choosing a gift for a chef or a professional home cook can be tough. They don’t want to give them something they already have — nobody in their home kitchen wants two Vitamix blenders — but you also want to get them something they’ll really need, which is easier said than done. After all, chefs often have stringent standards, with specific tastes for salt, knives and even vegetable peelers and containers for storage. We polled over 20 chefs, including James Beard Award winners and Michelin star holders, on the kitchen items on their holiday wish lists this year to guide you in the right direction.

  1. Chef’s Knife Roll Up Storage Bag

Chefs love to use their own knives so why not buy a bag that will encourage your favorite chef to comfortably and stylishly hold all their knives. There are plenty to choose from of knife bags.

The Becken Premium Knife roll is an experienced chef’s knife bag designed with strength, durability, and usefulness as well as character and elegance to make an ageless and beautiful roll that you will confidently convey. Waxed canvas breathable and secure to wash. It will develop a patina after a while which will bring out the novel qualities and characteristics in the texture, much like calfskin. Waxed canvas do not require regular washing. When you need to clean, you can daintily scour a dry brush using a cool soggy fabric at that point Remember not to use harsh cleansers, heated water or washing as it can strip the canvas from the wax.

  1. Shun Saya Universal

Anyone who is concerned about the sharpness of their kitchen knives knows that it’s important to secure the blade from dings. This sheath supports the most regular 7- to 8-inch blades, and covers to hold all the tiny crumbs and debris at bay.

  1. Chef’s Mitt

No matter how careful they are, chefs suffer a lot of burns, so why not try to cut down on that number? This mitt protects against heat, cold and slippage. It’s water repellent, which helps prevent the most nastiest kind of steam and liquid burns.

The Homwe Extra Long Professional Silicone Oven Mitt is 15 inches in length and is long enough to protect the forearms against a hot oven or sheet pan. Maneuvering is easier than others we’ve tried, and we’ve been able to comfortably lift a thick, heavy cast-iron skillet or remove an unwieldy roasting pan from the oven without burns. The Homwe mitt is easy to clean, and the cozy cotton lining has been enjoyed.

  1. Chef Aprons

It’s always a good idea to buy a chef apron, particularly if you choose a great chef household name like Hedley and Bennet. This apron adapts to suit extra-small and extra-large sizes. For those up to a size 12 or 34 waist the belts are long enough to double around and clip in front. The polished fabric is robust, and the apron is available in several colours

  1. Indoor Herb Growing Kit

Chefs also prefer dried herbs to fresh herbs; their flavor is fresher. Now you can cultivate fresh herbs in your own home and year-round. This kit can be used to cultivate salad greens, flowers, and vegetables right on the kitchen counter. The package is hydroponic; the plants grow in soil, and your kitchen is not mucked with dirt!

If your chef is fond of innovative gadgets, then he will enjoy those devices.

These are relatively new and come fitted with features such as watering and fertilizer alerts, plus full spectrum automatic LED lighting.

Hydroponics is the soilless method of growing plants.

Such kits use pods which are either pre-seeded with herbs such as rosemary, cilantro, oregano and thyme or left empty to grow practically anything you want; herb enthusiasts seem to enjoy the empty pods to grow rare or exotic herbs.

  1. Sauce Spoon

Tell a chef for her favorite tool and it’s possible it’s a metal spoon. The deep well of this one is ideal for saucing, basting, scooping and plating. Plus, its sleek enough to sign off as a spoon for service.

  1. Cookbook Ends

Tired of having so many cookbooks piled up around the house? Why not add more beauty with these special cooking bookends to your bookshelf or kitchen that will arrange all of your cookbooks! Book stoppers are the perfect gift to buy for your family and friends who cook.

  1. Personalized Cutting Board

A chef may already have a cutting board but he or she may not have a custom cutting board! Such design boards are made from maple and are personalized with a couple’s last name or first names.

These made from bamboo bread, that are environmentally friendly because they come from a replenishable plant, and are one of the most durable and best wood types for bread boards. The board measures 21.8 inches x 6.1 inches and is 3/4 inches tall.

  1. Cast Iron Cleaner

Cleaning cast iron hurts! You can’t just throw it in the dishwasher, but chefs like it because it’s such a good cooking board. This badass, chain-like scrubber makes filthy cast iron short work. Sometimes, you’ll look like you’re in the Middle Ages, which’s cool.

Yes, it appears like something out of Game of Thrones, but the handcrafted chainmail scrubber is made specifically for cleaning cast iron without damaging or stripping away the seasoning you’ve been working so hard to build up.

  1. Stainless Steel Soap

Standard soap won’t get your hands off the scent of stuff like onions and garlic. Strangely enough, brushing your palms into stainless steel does! Beneath running water you brush this “soap” on your palms, and the smell fades. no additional cleaning is necessary.

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