7 List Of Basic Kitchen Appliances for Your Kitchen

Modern kitchens are all about clean, minimalist design with built-in ovens, refrigerators that mix in behind the cabinets, and even prep sinks and faucets that slide off into the countertop. But in the case of small appliances, modern design trends have created a whole new gadget culture that demands a prominent place in the kitchen. No kitchen should be without these top 7 small appliances.

  1. Blender

A kind of blender is an incredibly useful kitchen tool to have. For those who need to mix sauces, juices or soups, blenders are important appliances. Not to be confused with food processors, the main benefit of a blender is its ability to “blend” two or more ingredients together. Generally, the engine is less efficient than a food processor’s, and its blades are less smooth, so a blender is best used with liquids and ices.

But there’s a big debate about whether you need a countertop blender, or whether you can get around with an immersion blender. If you take the countertop route, switching to a high-end model for sheer power and versatility is probably worth it. But if you are low in space and need a reliable, multifunctional tool that will easily whip or purée, an immersion blender is the right way to go

  1. Food Processor

A food processor is a magic tool for any kitchen and you can get one that best fits your needs and fits within your space. With a food processor, you can do almost anything you can imagine especially if you’re for pesto, sauces, chopped mixes and dips. A processor will cut down significantly on your meal preparation period.

A food processor is your best friend if you need to chop a lot of vegetables in a short amount of time. Most units come with a number of blade attachments so you can choose which blade is best suited for your process needs.

  1. Electric Kettle

It is one of the kitchen appliances used the most often. Pretty important by all means and you will know that once you have one, it will make your work quick and easy to use. If you want to save space, an electric kettle is not only convenient, but also energy-efficient as opposed to boiling water on your stove. Whenever you need to quickly boil water to make tea, coffee or something to cook, a kettle comes in handy. There is no need for a wait or extra work. Pour in water and before you know it, you’ll drink your hot drink with the easy tap of a few clicks.

  1. Coffe Maker

Essential to my morning, and probably to yours too. While the occasional treat at a coffee shop is great, making your own most of the time just makes sense financially. Coffee makers are a small appliance which is indispensable. Coffee makers are found outside the kitchen, as opposed to many other small appliances. You can see these machines in offices and hotel rooms, because at the beginning of the day almost everyone needs a hot cup of coffee.

  1. Electric Grill

Whether you enjoy grilling but dislike the hassle that is synonymous with conventional charcoal grills, all you need is an electric grill. An electric grill kit features such as the grille, electric heating unit, drip pan and deep grooves.

Electric grills come in variations indoors and outdoors, which have either stand-on or tabletop styles. Look for one with solid dampers and lids to get an electric grill, which can be opened and closed quickly to allow for better heat control.

Consider one or two burner grills as they heat faster and consume less spacing in the kitchen. Check the configuration of the grill to ensure the flexible locking wheels, coal beds, side tables, and burners. Electrical grills with more than 1000 wattage ratings are highly recommended because they cook quicker and more efficiently.

  1. Slow Cooker

This is another wonderful small appliance that you should add to your kitchen. A slow cooker eradicates the worries of having to cook food late in the evening after a long working day. You can leave your food to cook as you leave and return to a food that is fully cooked, tasty, and packed with ingredients. Slow cookers are effective year-round and reduce the lure of purchasing a take-out dinner.

A slow cooker allows one-step meal preparation which ensures that all the ingredients can be placed at once, reducing the preparation time. The low temperature and long cooking used by slow cookers tenderize the less expensive meat cuts as well as pull out the food’s original flavor, whether it’s casseroles, meats, stews or soups. The slow cookers are set to two or three.

The high setting allows you to cook meals within 4-6 hours, while the low setting brings cooking within 6-10 hours. Consider small slow cookers if you like to cook sauces and dips and larger cookers if you like to serve larger cuts of meat and soups.

  1. Microwave

If a refrigerator is essential to keep your meals hot, then a microwave is required for the exact opposite reason. No small appliance is more sought after than the microwave oven. In reality for many, the whole kitchen world is a microwave. Reheating foods that have already been cooked is helpful.  Microwaves heat up food in a conventional oven in less than half the time. Of course you can use the microwave not only to heat but also to cook individual dishes in a multitude of respects. At different temperatures, you can bake, roast and grill the food. The microwaves are extremely durable and easy to operate.

These are some of the best and must-have small kitchen appliances, and will help make your work easier and faster. Take your time to research the best models which can handle tough jobs with a durability guarantee.

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