10 Best Things to Buy on Amazon Under $30

One click on Amazon will easily lead you to well into a dark hole, who knows what. Luckily, the staff at Amazon know we’re short on time, which is why they refresh top-selling product lists frequently. Whether you’re being nosey about what everyone else is buying (no shame) or looking for the best prices under $30, get inspiration from this list of 10 best things to buy on Amazon under $30, ranging from home organizers, clothing and beauty discoveries that change game.

  1. THEPURI Advanced Snail Repair Cream

The Price : $16.90

To help heal, deeply moisturize and replenish the skin, this cream is made using the super-hot K-beauty ingredient snail mucin. With 92 percent snail mucus extract, it provides outstanding skin regeneration and recovery, solves multiple skin concerns and trouble all-in-one. For its powerful peptides, Snail mucin is a favorite of A-listers and beauty cognoscenti alike, and this cruel-free potion is full of them as well as shea butter, organic aloe vera, jojoba oil and vitamins E and B5. A must for any hobbyist skin care lover.

  1. Fitness Tracker

The Price : $15.00

You’ve probably heard of Fitbits and other pricey fitness devices but even the cheapest fitness tracking watches will give you health benefits. They monitor your steps and your heart rate, Sleep monitor, steps pedometer, distance and calorie tracker, incoming call and message reminder, sedentary reminder, alarm reminder, remote camera shooting and so on, better for daily exercise. This is also a perfect way to experiment with a fitness watch to see if you’re really wearing it enough to justify buying a more expensive upgrade.

  1. BYRIVER Acupressure Slippers

The Price : $24.95

They may look like they have mushrooms growing out of their sole, but these slippers do have spring-loaded massage buttons to provide acupressure treatment on your feet at designated trigger points. Health benefits from walking in these shoes just five to fifteen minutes a day include increased circulation, improved metabolism, neuropathic relief and more. Amazon reviews write unanimously about recovery from plantar fasciitis, bone spurs and daily standing, walking and running pain.

  1. Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight

The Price : $10.97

Whether you go outside camping or relax in the comfort of your own living room, the whole family will love these fun and versatile headlamp flashlights. They’re also perfect at night for walking the dog, playing tag in the dark, or after dark walking along the beach.

  1. Selfie Ring Light

The Price : $7.99

Have you ever tried taking a selfie, and the built-in camera flash on your phone is just too light, but the room is too dark? Okay, this is where the light of a selfie ring comes in. It can also be used for many other uses, such as clicking into the desktop to get a little more illumination while chatting on a webcam. Since it has a clip, you can use it as a night light practically anywhere in your house or car.

  1. Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets

The Price : $28.99

Allergy sufferers (and anyone else who needs a better night’s sleep) here is your relief: these hypoallergenic bamboo bed sheets are a comfortable, environmentally friendly alternative to ordinary sheets which are resistant to allergens such as pollen, dust mites, mold and mildew. This four-piece linen set comes in king sizes of twin, large, half, king and California and a selection of twelve colours. This combines the best of two types of fabric: bamboo-derived stain-and wrinkle-resistant rayon, and silky soft, durable microfiber.

  1. iDili Portable Mini Crumb Sweeper

The Price : $26.98

Make this a mini Roomba de-crumbing your desk. Buy this awesome gadget for your cubicle on Amazon, and put it into another for the cubicle of your work bestie, too.

  1. Proctor Slow Cooker

The Price : $24.99

Without their own Proctor slow cooker, there should be no millennial that lets you make amazing and delicious meals with minimal effort. This one has durable parts for the dishwasher, removable stoneware for easy cleaning and a space-saving feature of 4 quarters.

  1. Solar Powered Lantern

The Price : $16.99

If you don’t go camping a lot, a lantern with solar power might not seem like something you’d ever need. But being prepared for an emergency power outage during a bad storm is a great way to be. Instead of looking for a candle or using your precious cell phone battery, a solar lantern will light almost as much a space as a light bulb.

  1. PharMeDoc Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel

The Price : $24.95

A cozy orthopedic pillow has soft, supporting memory foam on one side and a soothing gel pad on the other, which helps to regulate the body temperature all night long. The lightweight polyester-cotton cover is reversible and washable by machine to make easy washing.

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