What Can you Buy for $5 on Amazon

You want something to buy but you have just $5? Don’t worry, here’s a list of items you can get for just $5

Trash Bag Holder

This cool bag holder will clip straight onto the doors of your cupboard. Use it to hold a nice little trash bag while you are cooking or preparing food. You can use it as a place to hang your towels for dishes too!

Egg Separator

Clip your handy little cup onto a bowl’s side and crack an egg into it. The egg whites fall out of the cup holes, and the yolk stays in place. Separating eggs is a quick and easy way without getting your hands dirty!

Restorology Sleep Restoration Sleep Mask

This premium eye mask, made with a soft silk, blocks the light without sealing in heat (so you won’t wake up with a pair of moist eyes). The high-quality material is comfortable and it does not touch your eyelashes or hair, helping you to focus on getting some hard-earned repose.
Seriously, everyone should have a high-quality sleep mask at hand, and this is one of Amazon’s best values for less than $2. Just remember to take it off in the morning before getting into your car. That is a mistake that we are not going to make again.

Helen’s Burnished Bamboo Spoon

We don’t know who Helen Chen is, but she does make a nice spoon. This lightweight mixing spoon is made from bamboo of natural origin, which is thinner and less absorbent than most woods.
It is safe for use on metals and non-stickcookware, and is ideal for frying woks.
Every kitchen needs a couple of wooden spoons, but this is a definite upgrade from the things you’ll find in your big local box store.

Grocery Bag Container

This bag makes for a great way to keep clean and out of the way the plastic grocery bags. Only force them through the edges, then take them out through the hole in the bottom of the bag one at a time. The bag also has a handy loop so you can put it inside a cupboard or in your pantry!

Command Cord Bundlers

This Command Cord Bundlers are my secret weapon for keeping ordered my little kitchen appliances! Only tie one to the back of your toaster, mixer, or Instant Pot to hold a tucked away power cord. Whether you have your small appliances out on the counter or somewhere in a cupboard, you’ll love how these cord bundlers hold out all those cords.

Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Shaving Cream

Yeah, you read that correctly. Why do you call for a caffeinated shaving cream? Well—-why not?
This cream works into a rich lather which reduces inflammation, thus reducing the risk of razor burning and ingrown hair. It also includes a medium dose of caffeine, which you can actually feel when you shave; it is not enough to make you feel jittery, but it is a nice addition to your morning routine. Smelling pretty nice too.

Norpro Egg Perfect Egg Timer

We love soft-boiled eggs but it’s not very easy to make them. If you don’t watch the clock, an overcooked breakfast will easily end up with you.
This egg timer will solve the problem. Throw it in with your eggs and the timer slowly darkens in from outside; keep an eye on the screen, and you’ll be able to take your eggs out when they’re egg-actually right (sorry). Because it calculates by temperature, not time, it is always accurate, no matter how many eggs, pot size, or other factors.

Electronic Cleaning Brush

It is important that you keep your electronic devices clean if you want them to last as long as possible. All the tiny nooks and crannies of your gadgets will easily build up dust, soil, and dirt! But a cleaning brush like this makes it easy to remove all the dust and dirt and keep your pricey devices link new!

Cookie Spoon

Want to dip Oreos in milk but can’t stand soggy fingers (or cookies that are half-dunked)? Do not be afraid, the Dipr is here! It cradles the Oreo cookie softly and makes a complete 360 degree dunkage. This is a genius

Eating Utensil

Sporks may look fun but we all know that when it comes to slicing grapes or slurping soup, they are pretty much useless. This2-in-1 eating utensil has a fully functional fork and a fully functional spoon, making it the obvious choice for campers (and those who just don’t want to double-wash the silverware).

Utopia Home Sphere Ice Ball Maker

Make beautiful ice spheres with the Ice Ball Maker from Utopia Home to keep the drinks cold in your own freezer. It’s a two-piece silicone mold which transforms water into slow-melting ice balls. Here’s the thing with conventional ice cubes: they’re small, so they seem to melt easily, watering down your favorite drink.
The large ice spheres create this to chill drinks and stop melting for as long as possible. The construction of the BPA-free, food-grade silicone guarantees maintenance-free ownership Forget about the cube; get on the sphere.

Goo Gone

Life is full of rubbish. Grease, crayons, chewing gum, glue, tree sap, ink, tar and numerous other adhesives on your household surfaces will produce stubborn and unsightly stains. Pick up this 2 oz bottle of Goo Gone from Amazon to safely and easily clear the residue. Among other items, the cleaning agent performs on carpets, tiles, glass, wood, fabric, upholstery and plastic. The citrus scent is mild and friendly whereas the solution is non-flammableand non-corrosive.

Mini Flashlight

This waterproof miniature flashlight, measuring one-by-three inches, is a lifesaver during blackouts, home repairs or outdoor activities. The pocket-sized luminary operates on a single AA battery, and offers a powerful light flash with a maximum brightness of 300 lumens. The adjustable focus set allows you to adjust the light in seconds from a tiny beam to a large flood light.

Hot Handle Holder

True: Oven mitts do the same exact thing as a hot handle mask, in terms of results. Most home-cooks still enjoy the latter’s comfort and convenience. Why? For what? For one thing, you get a better grip on high-quality, heat-resistant silicone, particularly on the heaviest pieces of cookware like cast iron skillets. Plus, while oven mitts just add to the kitchen clutter— and often seem to be missing at the moment you’re most in need of them — sleek, slip-on handle covers stay securely in place at all times, enabling you to step more comfortably and quicker through each meal preparation point. Try that one!

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